About the author

Wiesława Sotwin – psychologist, Ph.D., since 1996 a lecturer at the Psychology Department of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland.



In the scientific area:

1) formulating the theory of mind that reconciles the determinism of psychological processes with the freedom of will; the theory was presented in the book „How will works or the dynamics of mind” (2010)

2) formulating the hypothesis according to which the time in counsciousness can run in the opposite direction than in the physical reality, and, as a result, consciousness can be built from antiparticles violating the C-, P- or CP-symmetry. This hypothesis is described:

  • in the article entitled “Is the Mind Built of Antiparticles Violating C-, P-, CP-Symmetry and Other Elementary Particles?”
  • in the poster „How can consciousness control brain?”

In the social area:

– an active participation in the Polish anti-communist movement in the 80. and in the social and political transformation between 1989 and 1992.