What is the aim of this website?

In the last twenty years there have been enormous changes in the science of mind:

1) the embodiment of mind theory casts doubt not only on the computer metaphor of mind which dominated psychology in the last 50 years, but also on Cartesian ontological dualism, which was the basis of modern science for the last 350 years (more: “The erosion of ontological dualism”).

2) research on brain metabolism indicates that not only neurotransmitters but also energy transformations in the brain have an enormous impact on the course of psychological processes.

3) research on astrocytes completely changed our understanding of the functioning of the brain as it shows that it is not neurons, but astrocytes, that have the most important function in the brain.

4) Finally the complexity theory, which is more and more often used to explain both the functioning of single neurons and the functioning of the whole brain and mind, calls into question determinism and reductionism, the scientific standards that were the basis of modern psychology (more: “Not only do we possess free will but we can also extend it”).

In the light of these new scientific trends, one has an impression that we are standing in front of the enormous (or even revolutionary) changes in our understanding of the mind.

The aims of this website are:

1) exchange of the information about new trends in the area of the science of mind and

2) the presentation of our own ideas regarding the mind, including:

a) the hypothesis regarding the transformation of brain energy into mental energy ( more: „The energy at the meeting point of the brain and the mind. The hypothesis of the transformation of brain energy into mental energy”).

b) the hypothesis that the time in consciousness can run in the opposite direction than in the physical reality, and, as a result, that consciousness can be built from antiparticles violating the C-, P- or CP-symmetry (more: “Where is the mind located?”.

I invite you to exchange information and discuss the topics mentioned above!

My e-mail: wsotwin@swps.edu.pl